Thursday, September 22, 2011


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by Meagan Kelso

Originally I was going to write about the movie I saw in advertising. As it was very inspiring, but as life usually does, it took a crazy and unexpected turn. Recently I lost a really close friend of mine. She died in a car accident along with another friend while two more kids I went to school with were injured.

I had known her for around nine years. When we got to high school she was in my art classes. As time went on we became good friends. There was a small group of us kids that became really close in our time during art club and art classes. We ended up becoming close, and we spent our first year at PCAD together. We were even thinking about living together. She’s even the one who convinced me to buy a Hyundai, which was the worst advice she had ever given me. She was so carefree, fun, and full of life. It’s hard for me to accept that a person so alive is now gone.

When my best friend sent me a text on Wednesday September 21st, I was almost back to my apartment. I was coming home from class. I never expected what I read next, “there was a car accident…ben and tasha are dead.” I got out of my car and sent back one simple word, “No”. I thought it was some kind of sick joke. I could picture her perfectly in my head, laughing, happy and alive. The first thing I did when I got inside was go to her Facebook page. I mean certainly if something like that had happened the whole world would have stood still. I thought maybe if I got on and looked at her wall, there would be a status update saying she was in her room watching TV with her dog, but all I saw were comments saying R.I.P. – and that’s when it hit me.

Although this is a tragic event, out of death comes life. And through our life we encounter many forms of inspiration. And death can also inspire. Her short life has shown me that we can’t just sit around and wait for things to happen. We all have to sit in the driver's seat and take the wheel. We have to be active and make our own decisions. We have to find inspiration in anything we can because we only have a short time here. We need to look at things in life and hold them close. Never take anyone, anything, or any opportunity for granted. And although I will miss Tasha like crazy, she will always live on through her art and through the art of all her friends. I love you Tasha, you were an inspiration to everyone you knew, and you will continue to inspire even after you’re gone.

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  1. Meagan, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. You never wanna hear that news about someone you know dying so tragically... especially at such a young age. It really does make you realize how precious life is and how you just need to go out and do what you love and be the best damn person you can be because life is short and you're never quite sure how short it will be sometimes. I hope you're doing alright and just know that people in your life will be there to comfort you while you get through this hard time.

  2. While you know I'm saddened by this loss, it's good to see you working through your feelings and finding inspiration to forge forward with.

    These are the hardest of times but you'll make it through. You'll make it through with the strength and help of both the love you'll always have for your friend and with the memories that time and distance can never, ever take away from you.