Thursday, September 22, 2011


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by Tom Dombrosky

My interest in Pandora's redesign pertains more to web design. Pandora just recently changed their website and they are one of the first websites to use HTML5. HTML5 still is in development and supports HTML1, XHTML1 and DOM2HTML. HTML5 is probably better for Pandora than other websites because they stream music. And while Pandora once relied completely on Flash, they no longer do. They converted to HTML5 making apps for smartphones and iphones more conducive to Pandora. Without Flash, Pandora made a more simplistic and clean website that still offers more features than their previous website.

The music player is now prominent and the album art is expanded, all for a more visual experience. Many people stopped using Pandora long ago because it was difficult to use. This inspires me to create a clean, visually appealing website and to stay on top of my websites design.

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