Friday, December 2, 2011

Creative Surroundings!

(My New “Room”, click images to enlarge)

by Lisa DeAngelo

About a month ago two of our room mates moved out, leaving an empty room with no purpose. It didn't take much time to figure out what the newly unoccupied room should be; a place to do my art, of course! The room is now what I affectionately call “my room”. It's not the room I sleep in (voluntarily, haha) but it's a room that is purely me. I could call it my studio, but I find that calling it my room is more fitting as of now. When I feel more professional I guess I can call it a studio, but for now it's a pretty nice upgrade from what I'm used to.

(My shelf, full of resources, useful tools, inspiring design and décor)

Once all my stuff-my drafting table, printer, light box, shelf, etc.-made its way into the room, I took a good look at it all. How lucky am I, that I have a whole room dedicated to art? Not many people get to say this, as I've heard students' tales of cutting and mounting their projects on the kitchen table or bedroom floor... Not exactly the most efficient way to work, but sometimes a reality for us college kids.

(Badass homemade light box that sits in the corner)

Over Thanksgiving break I spent a lot of time in my new room plugging away at homework, jamming to music and soaking in the creative spirit that now embodied the space. Although the transition from hallway to room was not a big one, I truly feel more focused and inspired having an actual room to work in... and to decorate however I want. :) Still working on that part, though!

Oh yeah, one last, great feature is the couch. I don't sit on it much, but I certainly enjoy the company of an occasional visitor...

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  1. I revamped my space again this past summer (see below) and it's so crucial to find yourself comfortable and within reach of whatever it is you need in order to create. Nice one!