Friday, December 9, 2011

The C, the R, the Sunbeam!

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by Meagan Kelso (a.k.a. Sunbeam)

This last week was the hardest week to find something to blog about. I thought and thought for an entire week and nothing was coming to mind. Finally on my drive to school, the way that I commute five out of seven days a week, I realized suddenly what I was going to write about.

I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this before because I often admire this logo every time I pass it on my way to school. It is the College Row logo for the shops by Franklin and Marshall school. I absolutely love the design because the “C” that is right up to the stem of the “R” initially makes me see the letter “Q”. Many would think that this is bad, that the designer failed, because the letter “Q” has nothing to do with the design. And I agree, it would be a bad design if it took me more than a second to realize that this isn’t what the design is.

But not more than a second after I see the “Q” I think “Oh my God “C” “R” for College Row. GENIUS!” The design is so clean and gives the feeling of expensive higher end, which is perfect for the setting that it’s in. Those shops over there are a higher end, expensive type of shop, which also compliments the school, stereotyped by the “richy rich”, kids that attend there.

Overall I really love the overall design elements and final product. It fits the setting and area perfectly. But most of all I love the “aha” moment that it gives me within seconds of seeing it. It adds a little more to the already amazing logo.

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  1. I simply had to laugh when you sent this to me for posting, Sunbeam (a.k.a. Kelson). It was just the other day that I ripped this logo a new one as we drove to meet the family at Iron Hill for dinner. I knew it stood for C(ollege) R(ow) but the "Q" that it created was beyond my comprehension. It's funny how designs have polar opposite effects on each of us, right? Right. I'll drive by and give it another shot one day. No promises, of course!