Friday, October 14, 2011

Two Visual Thoughts

by Sally Yacovelly

NYC Broken Thoughts

I sit sipping my tea, resting my feet and bones after a long day
I stare out the window at 6th & 27th, as fresh whiffs of coffee float past my nose
And jazz playing in the background as the umbrellas abound the city streets
Reds, purples, spotted, broken and torn.

I gaze at the people, many professionals dressed impeccably in their starched shirts with perfect hair. While others, now homeward bound, skirt the surface in baseball caps and sneakers.

Mesmerized by the sights, the figures cross the pavement to the sound as the music seems to play louder. It’s similar to watching TV with the sound turned off. Banners, awnings and neon paint the facades as I glance up the Avenue. The multi-cultural life of the city dot the streets along with the old brick and towering glass.

I find all this exhilarating and inspiring. I am very wet, but thankful for this day of mental rejuvenation.

An Autumn View at PCAD

A gentle breeze rustles across my face as I sit outside for the first time in weeks. Summer has closed its doors and I can detect hints of winter’s approach as autumn kisses my very existence. The continuance of rain has forced most of us into hibernation many days over the last month. All this makes today more aesthetically pleasing like that of a butterfly who emerges from its confined stagnant cocoon to spread its wings to the surrounding blue skies. I see the colors more vibrantly and can almost touch the details with my eyes. The trees have taken a turn toward amber and the days bring darkness prematurely.

The cars pass and their images reflect in the windows across the street causing an ever-changing canvas of shape and color. The flowers burst from their high perch and cascade downward in lush hues of pinks and reds.

Open your eyes as it all elapses before us; taking in all the shapes, color and form. An instructor once told me that “life is art and art is life.” It all progresses onward and we only age if we allow our minds to cease seeing. We are blessed with a creative eye, if kept open, it will allow for continued growth.

A memorable thought: A goal is a dream with a deadline.


  1. Wow, how poetic. Very nice, Sally!

  2. A truly fun post that further illustrates that artist should embrace their own, unique vision of the world and express it in as many different ways possible; be it photography, fine art, writing, etc.