Monday, October 31, 2011

Occupy Together With Design

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by Tom Dombrosky

Whatever your opinion is, whether you oppose it or support it, you can’t help but take notice of the Occupy movement. As an aspiring graphic designer, I’ve been observing much of the signage that’s being used by the occupiers of both Wall Street and those here in Occupy Lancaster. Many other graphic designers have done the same, with some many playing a direct role in it. For example, Shepard Fairey who designed Barack Obama’s “Hope” posters, has designed an invitation for the Occupy Wall Street.

The slogan-driven signage of the Occupiers varies greatly from handwritten type to printouts of digital work. Some professionally made while many others by those who have no experience in designing a poster. Regardless, the occupiers have a way of getting straight to the point and making a statement.

The movement even has a website dedicated to designers willing to help create signage for the movement. One can submit their Illustrator .ai files for occupiers to use during their ongoing movement to Occupy Together With Design.

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