Thursday, November 17, 2011

One Step Backward, Many Leaps Forward

by Sally Yacovelly

I have a slightly different perspective than most students here at PCA&D when it comes to discussing revising or updating a company’s identity. Mainly because I am not just viewing the older logo identity, as it was once referred to; but I have experienced it. It was a time when identities were pasted across billboards, in magazines spreads and the largest form of communication, of course, was the television. Almost every house had one, but there were not many with color. Therefore your designs, in order to be affective, had to project in black and white.

There was no Internet to blast images and product names in front of their audience of every minute of the day.

Branding, as it is known today, is just that. It puts a mark from a company on everything attached to them. We become so saturated with this visual mark that alone it becomes the focus. The name of the company, in many instances, becomes secondary or is no longer even necessary.

Note some of the following: the Nike swoosh being one of the best examples.

(click images to enlarge)

Why rebrand one might say. Well, it could be there was a company takeover and the new management wants their influence shown. Or a merging of two corporations might generate creating an additional name that combines their influences. Or there may have been an unfortunate circumstance that caused a negative outlook on business and they just want a fresh start.

Change is constantly occurring in our electronic world of today, so updating one’s company image seems to go along with this fast pace idea of change. However, there are some products or company names, that no matter what, outstand the times and remain constantly popular. And they still sell, even though their branding hasn’t changed in over one hundred years. And I might add, that their nearest competitor has changed their logo eleven times trying to catch up in the standings.

With all this said, whether change, revise or altogether new, when considering your company’s image remember it remains your unique fingerprint in the advertising world and should well thought out.

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